Welcome to the Badger Invitational!

Award Ceremony Videos:

Division C Awards: https://youtu.be/z5a2q-7_l10

Division B Awards: https://youtu.be/vzXuV6WVj38

About the Tournament

This is a division B and C tournament organized by Hamilton/Madison West Science Olympiad.

The 6th Badger Invitational will be held on February 27, 2021.

We will use the MiniSO format, but with the addition of video submission for some build events: Mission Possible B, Mousetrap Vehicle B, and Gravity Vehicle C. Boomilever B/C, Elastic Launched Gliders B and Wright Stuff C will be offered as trial events.

In addition to the Nationals slate of events, we will also run the additional Wisconsin events: Code Analysis C, Code Busters B, Virtual Geocaching B/C, Mystery Build B/C, Solar Power B/C, and Virology B/C.

Following the tournament, we will livestream an award ceremony Sunday, February 28, around 4pm 5pm. A link will be distributed to coaches in advance.

We take pride in providing tests written by people from UW-Madison, Science Olympiad alumni and subject experts. Coaches will not be asked to provide a test.

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